Product reviews

I use this blog to review products, hardware and software. Since it is not possible to create a separate menu entry for every product, I keep a list of the reviews here including, of course, the links to the articles.

KwikStik? KwikStuk!
KwikStik follow-up
A try to get started with Freescale's Kinetis KwikStart kit.

Reverse engineering? The new Wiring S board
The Wiring S board reviewed and compared to Arduino.

Everything you always wanted to know about klystrons and traveling wave tubes (but were afraid to ask)
Review of the book Klystrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Magnetrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers, and Gyrotrons by A.S. Gilmour, Jr..

Wireless audio over 2.4 GHz
Texas Instruments' CC85DK_HEADSET PurePath Wireless Headset Development Kit.

Control a robot with a watch
Texas Instruments' Evalbot and Chronos development kits.

New kit on the blog
Fujitsu's SK-FM3-100PMC multifunctional evaluation board for the MB9B100, MB9B300, MB9B400 and MB9B500 series Cortex-M3 micro-controllers.

Open4 EvoPrimer
Raisonance's Open4 versatile micro-controller evaluation & application development platform.

Test driving DesignSpark PCB
RS Components' free PCB design tool.

Rayson BTM222 & BTM112 Bluetooth module
The title says it all...

PIC32 MultiMedia Board (MMB)
Mikroelektronika's PIC32 MultiMedia Board.

Fast prototyping with mbed
ARM's mbed board connected to a LED display from Sure Electronics.

Worldwide Serial Web
WIZnet's free software tool for virtualising & networking COM ports.