New products

On this page I keep a list of the articles that are about new products and technologies.

LabVIEW, Arduino & Android
Hacking with LabVIEW.
SDR soon playing at a university near you
The USRP-2920 from National Instruments.
FRAM - true unified memory
FRAM, Texas Instruments MSP430FR57xx, Fujitsu MB95R family.
Embedded World 2011 - Cortex-M3 everywhere
Dreams,dreams, dreams...
The M24LR64-R wireless EEPROM from STMicroelectronics.
Eagle switches to XML
Forget about the hardware and learn C
The MSP-EXP430G2 kit from Texas Instruments and the STM8S-Discovery kit from STMicroelectronics.
Add a smartphone to your application
DIL/NetPC DNP/9265.
USB 2.0 drop-in for legacy DB9 RS232 connector
It's a tactile green embedded world
Things I saw at Embedded World 2010.
Become a beta tester and win
Freescale's CodeWarrior Development Studio 10.
LPCXpresso design contest
LPCXpresso by NXP, Embedded Artists & CodeRed.
Energy harvesting power supply
Linear Technology's LTC3588.