Thursday, May 20, 2010

USB 2.0 drop-in for legacy DB9 RS232 connector

It is official! FTDI launches a USB 2.0 module to replace DB9 RS232 connector on legacy boards.

I was given a sneak preview of this module during the Embedded World show at Nuremberg (see here) and immediately felt that this was going to be a killer product.

The module features a standard USB “mini-B” type connector in a module that fits the PCB footprint of a standard 9-pin DB9 connector. The module offers a fast and simple method to add USB 2.0 connectivity to any existing PCB board that has a DB9 RS232 connector.

Two modules are available to replace male or female DB9 connectors. They contain all the electronics needed to carry out the conversion between RS232 and USB. The modules are based on the popular FT232R USB 2.0 to serial UART converter IC from FTDI, which handles the USB protocol conversion. The FT232R device converts from USB to a serial UART interface, which is then level-shifted into RS232 signal levels, within the module. Power to the module is supplied by the USB connection. The modules support a maximum transfer rate of 1 Mbits/s on the RS232 interface.

The DB9-USB-RS232 modules are supplied complete with FTDI's royalty free drivers, which enable a device to be integrated as an additional, (virtual) COM port into an existing software application. The range of drivers includes Microsoft WHQL certified drivers for Windows based operating systems, drivers for Linux and Mac OS operating systems.

Pricing for DB9-USB-M (male) and DB9-USB-F (female) starts at $22.04 for single quantities.

Further information on the DB9-USB-RS232 modules is available on the FTDI website.

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