Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet the people behind LPCXpresso

OK, I admit it, I have been talking quite a lot about LPCXpresso lately. Why? Because I like NXP's concept of handing out free tools (did you know that they did it again? Get a board for free just by answering some questions on their website), but I also have become a fan of the little LPC Cortex-M0 and M3 devices. At the Embedded World 2011 show I visited of course the NXP booth and there I was introduced to the brains behind the LPCXpresson concept. My boss, who came with me, always carries a photo camera and immediately took some pictures, so now you too can meet the LPCXpresso team.

On the left we have Jan Jaap Bezemer who tries to sell (or should I say "give away") the NXP microcontrollers. Second from the left, Rob Cosaro, and the man on the right, Joe Yu, are the people that came up with LPCXpresso. A chuckling Rob told me that he was very much amused by the fact that people are indeed cutting of the LPC-Link part of the board, something that was never really intended. Apparently some people cloning the board add a V-groove to make separating the parts easier.

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