Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Become a beta tester and win

It is contest time. I allready mentioned the Luminary, sorry, I mean Stellaris ARM contest from Texas Instruments together with Circuit Cellar and a week later the LPCXpresso ARM contest by NXP. Now it is Freescale who organises a contest. OK, this is not a very difficult contest and you don't have to design anything, but you can win some smart prizes.

To participate you only have to enter the CodeWarrior Development Studio 10.0 beta test program. Free access to the beta release, including full documentation and task-based videos are available for a limited time at www.freescale.com/cwmcu10. CodeWarrior integrates the development tools for the RS08, HCS08 and ColdFire architectures into a single product based on the Eclipse open development platform. Since this is a beta release, it cannot be used for the development of production products. However, you are encouraged to explore the functionality of this new development environment.

To recognize your participation, on April 12, 2010 Freescale will be drawing names from the pool of beta testers for three exciting prize packages:

- Canon Rebel digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera
- Wii game console by Nintendo
- Garmin handheld GPS

So, go get that 500+ MB download and win that camera!

P.S. You have to submit feedback through a Freescale Service Request to really enter. Alternatively, participants may send an email with name, address (including zip code), home and work telephone numbers (including area codes) to r63076@freescale.com.

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