Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free cup of LPCXpresso!

A bit over two weeks ago I told you how to get a free LPCXpresso board by making a short video or a photograph of how you got rid of your 8/16 bits micro-controller. I suspect/suppose that NXP will honor every participant.

Here is a picture I received from Antoine Broussal. Note how he did the can and the peanuts.

Just to show you that it is not bogus, here is a picture of the board with its accompanying letter that I received this morning by UPS. It is, as I expected, an LPC1114 board.

Denis Xavier wrote me to tell me that his contribution was accepted too, so Denis, you want to share a cup of LPCXpresso code?

The campaign is still running and the submission stream seems to have slowed down a bit, so go give it a shot yourself!

Embedded World 2011 update: NXP ran out of stock. Please be patient.

BTW, while I was writing this, I received a press release from NXP announcing the LPC1200 series. Compared to the other LPC Cortex-M0 devices these new Cortex-M0 controllers offer up to 128 KB of flash memory, DMA, a real-time clock (RTC) and a CRC engine.

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